Department of Physics

Standard Study Track


The B.S. Physics Major has been designed to give students a combination of the technical skills they need with the flexibility to choose their own path. Most students realize a physics degree not only prepares you to work in a variety of technical fields, but it also can prepare students for a wide variety of careers outside the usual areas of math, science, and engineering. Non-traditional physics careers include financial analyst, technical writing/publishing, and patent law.

Field of Employment for Physics Bachelors in the Private Sector, Classes of 2013 & 2014 Combined

Credit: AIP Statistical Research Center, Focus on Physics Bachelor's Initial Employment


Plan of Study                                                                            Plan for Transfer Students

The following plan of study is a suggested guide to be as flexible as possible for students to choose an additional major or simply explore different classes to satisfy their chosen interests. The order of electives can easily be changed, and there is also some flexibility regarding required Physics courses with course numbers 4300 or higher. Note that it is very feasible for the entire major to be completed in only 3 years for transfer students or those entering with sufficient credit. Course descriptions can be found in the UNI Course Catalog.

1st Year, Fall Semester - 15 hrs 1st Year, Spring Semester - 14 hrs
MATH 1420 - Calculus I 4 MATH 1421 - Calculus II 4
PHYSICS 1100 - 1st Year Projects in Physics 1 PHYSICS 1702 -  Physics II for Science & Eng. 4
PHYSICS 1701 - Physics I for Sci. & Engineering 4 Cornerstone II or Oral Communications 3
Cornerstone I or Coll. Read. & Writing 3 University Elective 3
University Elective 3    
2nd Year, Fall Semester - 17 hrs 2nd Year, Spring Semester - 15 hrs
MATH 2422 - Calculus III 4 PHYSICS 4100 - Modern Physics 4
PHYSICS 2300 - Physics III Theory & Simulation 3 PHYSICS 4110 - Modern Physics Lab 2
PHYSICS 4300 - Introduction to Electronics 4 PHYSICS 2700 - Math Methods of Phys. 3
Humanities I 3 Humanities II 3
University Electives 3 Social Science 3
3rd Year, Fall Semester - 17 hrs 3rd Year, Spring Semester - 16 hrs
PHYSICS 4600 - Classical Mechanics 4 PHYSICS 4860 - Computational Physics 3
Science/Math elective 4 PHYSICS 4900 Thermo. & Stat. Mechanics 4
Non-Western Cultures 3 Literature, Philosophy, or Religion 3
Fine Arts 3 Social Science 3
University Elective 3 University Elective 3
4th Year, Fall Semester - 16 hrs 4th Year, Spring Semester - 17 hrs
PHYSICS 3700 - Physics Seminar 1 Capstone 2
PHYSICS 3000/Physics 3500 - Research 2 Social Science 3
Science/Math elective 4 University Electives 12
Life Science 3    
Personal Wellness  3    
 University Electives  3    

Required course are in bold.

Liberal Arts Core classes are in Italics. See the Liberal Arts Core Link for more details.

Science & Math electives are in bold.

University electives are in black.

The BS Physics Major requires 126 hours divided into:

                Required Physics & Math Courses:  51 hours

                Electives in Science & Math: 8 hours

                Liberal Arts Core Courses not required by Major: 38 hours

                University Electives: 30 hours