Department of Physics

Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust awards $573,990

Professors Paul Shand and Tim Kidd were awarded $573,990 Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust challenge grant for Instrumentation for Career Preparation. The purpose of this grant is to integrate research-grade instrumentation into course work across the physics curriculum to better prepare students for careers in modern industries. Students will gain proficiency in the operation of these instruments by performing experiments in several courses throughout their undergraduate career. As they advance from freshmen to seniors, they will have multiple opportunities to gain experience in the theory, operation, and purpose of advanced scientific instrumentation. This will also reinforce teamwork related skills, as students work together to conduct experiments, collect and analyze data, and write scientific reports. Students' performance in operating the instruments, writing a high-quality report and working effectively in a collaborative environment will be assessed in order to continuously improve learning outcomes.