Department of Physics

Industry Track


Applied Physics is the general term used for Physicists who work in technical fields outside of basic research. These are scientists and engineers who work on problems like alternative energy, robotics, communications and laser applications. Most physics majors graduate into such careers either with their B.S. degree or after attaining a Master’s degree in either an Engineering or Applied Physics program. The UNI Physics department stresses hands –on laboratory based education that will give students the skills to succeed immediately after graduation. Furthermore, a significant number of our students gain more work experience as paid summer interns or part-time employees of companies like John Deere or Dystek during their undergraduate education. The following electives are suggested to supplement the B.S. Physics degree and best enhance student opportunities to work immediately after graduation.

Suggested Electives: STAT 1772, PHYSICS 4050, 4310, 4750

Plan of Study

The following plan of study is a suggested guide to best prepare students to work in a technical field immediately after graduation. The plan is based on the Standard Track for a B.S. Physics major incorporating the the suggested electives listed above. Course descriptions can be found in the UNI Course Catalog.

1st Year, Fall Semester - 15 hrs 1st Year, Spring Semester - 14 hrs
MATH 1420 - Calculus I 4 MATH 1421 - Calculus II 4
PHYSICS 1100 - 1st Year Projects in Physics 1 PHYSICS 1702 -  Physics II for Science & Eng. 4
PHYSICS 1701 - Physics I for Sci. & Engineering 4 Cornerstone II or Oral Communications 3
Cornerstone I or Coll. Read. & Writing 3 STAT 1772 - Intro. to Statistical Methods 3
University Elective 3    
2nd Year, Fall Semester - 17 hrs 2nd Year, Spring Semester - 15 hrs
MATH 2422 - Calculus III 4 PHYSICS 4100 - Modern Physics 4
PHYSICS 2300 - Physics III Theory & Simulation 3 PHYSICS 4110 - Modern Physics Lab 2
PHYSICS 4300 - Introduction to Electronics 4 PHYSICS 2700 - Math Methods of Phys. 3
Humanities I 3 Humanities II 3
University Electives 3 Social Science 3
3rd Year, Fall Semester - 17 hrs 3rd Year, Spring Semester - 16 hrs
PHYSICS 4600 - Classical Mechanics 4 PHYSICS 4860 - Computational Physics 3
PHYSCIS 4900 - Thermo. & Stat. Mechanics 4 PHYSICS 4310 - Digital Elect. & Robotics 4
Non-Western Cultures 3 Literature, Philosophy, or Religion 3
Fine Arts 3 Social Science 3
University Elective 3 University Elective 3
4th Year, Fall Semester - 17 hrs 4th Year, Spring Semester - 15 hrs
PHYSICS 3700 - Physics Seminar 1 Capstone 2
PHYSICS 3000/Physics 3500 - Research 2 Social Science 3
PHYSICS 4050 - Optical Science 3 University Electives 7
Life Science 3 PHYSICS 4750 - Phys. of Modern Materials 3
Personal Wellness 3    
 University Electives  5    


Required course are in bold.

Liberal Arts Core classes are in Italics. See the Liberal Arts Core Link for more details.

Science & Math electives are in bold.

University electives are in black. (Some have been selected as specific courses to best prepare students)


  1. Students are advised to take more upper level physics courses and/or science & math courses as electives in areas of interest.

  2. While only 7 hrs of Science/Math Electives are listed, 1 hour of the named university electives will complete the required 8 hours for the major.

  3. An internship at a company (PHYSICS 3500) is preferred over a Undergraduate Research  (PHYSICS 3000)