Department of Physics

Business Track

Every year, a surprisingly large percentage of physics majors enter careers in business, finance, or as entrepreneurs. UNI offers excellent opportunities for students who wish to enter managerial tracks in high tech companies, put their quantitative skills into work for Wall Street (or anywhere in the banking/finance industry), or combine their scientific creativity with business acumen to become entrepreneurs. The B.S. Physics degree is flexible enough that by combining the basic plan of study with one of the following minors/certificates, students will be able to create a 4 year program that combines a strong scientific background with the business know-how needed to succeed immediately after graduation or set them apart when looking for an MBA. The B.S. Physics degree is perhaps the only B.S. science degree with sufficient university electives (30!) to make such a combination possible. Students might also consider a Physics/Business double major or, for business students looking for more technical background, a Physics minor to supplement a business degree. More information on business programs can be found at the UNI Business College.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

This certificate is available to all UNI students and consists of only 15 hours of courses. This certificate can help make your idea for starting a business a reality. A Certificate in Entrepreneurship can help prepare you academically. The many additional programs available for entrepreneurship at UNI can give you the office space, office help, funding, peer support and consulting advice you need to establish a business BEFORE you graduate.




Business Administration, Interdepartmental:


BUSINESS 2010 (100:040)

Entrepreneurial Fundamentals




MKTG 2110 (130:101)

Principles of Marketing


MKTG 3583/5583 (130:170g)



MKTG 3586/5586 (130:175g)

New Venture Development and Management




ECON 1031 (920:024)

Introduction to Economics **


Total Hours



Additional Business Minors

The B.S. Physics degree is compatible with many other business minors including: Economics MinorFinance Minor or Financial Analysis CertificateMarketing MinorInternational Business Minor, and the General Business Concepts Minor. Students are highly recommended to contact the Business College as well as their Physics advisor regarding these programs.