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New Physics Scholarships

There are big things going on in the Physics Department at UNI!

  • The department has received a 3.3 million-dollar donation from the estate of longtime friend and donor Frances Jourdan. The donation will be used to support scholarships for incoming high-school students who wish to major in physics as well as current UNI students majoring in physics or chemistry.
  • We are excited to announce that starting in Fall 2022, there will be a new, four-year full-tuition scholarship available to incoming first-year students from high school. The Gayl and Kathy Hopkins Scholarship will be awarded to incoming first-year physics majors with outstanding academic records. Students must complete a UNI Scholarship application to be eligible.
  • New curricula are being offered that address what students need for success in the current job market. Physics teaches us how to be general problem solvers. The problem-solving strategies and techniques learned in physics can be applied to solve problems in areas outside of physics or even outside of science. Using this general problem-solving skill as a foundation, we have added specific skills such as data science and engineering. This problem-solving package (general + specific) enhances creativity, which is perhaps the most important attribute for modern workers in science and technology. UNI now offers:
  • B.A. Physics: Data Science Emphasis, which prepares students for the world of big data and analytics;
  • “3+2” physics/engineering dual degree program, which combines a B.S. Physics degree from UNI with an engineering degree from Iowa State or Iowa.
  • Undergraduate research remains a core strength. Paid summer research fellowships in experimental, computational or science education are available.

UNI Physics prepares you for the modern workplace and provides generous scholarships to help with the cost. It is an exciting time to be a physics major at UNI. Join us!

Paul Shand, PhD
Professor and Head of Physics